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Grupo Meglob is a company (E-COMMERCE- online sales) formed in 2014 dedicated to the sale of technology items, especially the manufacture of Shockproof Sheets for Screen Protection for smartphones, tablets, Smartwatch.

ANTISHOCK is an innovative and advanced Anti-impact and Anti-scratch screen protector that will protect the screen of your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet from accidental falls or scratches.

This protector has outstanding characteristics, it is composed of several layers of supramolecular materials capable of withstanding impacts, breaks, scratches and up to 75% less explosions, with a thickness of 0.32mm and 99% transparency the protector will be invisible in its screen maintaining touch sensitivity and allowing all types of fingerprint readers.

The Antishock protector is very easy to install due to its intelligent air bubble release system and its adhesive layer which will allow you to install it yourself. It is unlike other tempered glass protectors and thanks to its flexibility you can be sure that it will not break during shipping.